Our Team

We pick our people to refine expectations, and to never accept “good enough”. Every person on the CastleClock team lives and breathes their passions.

  • Junaid Ahmad

    Co-Founder/Software Engineer

    I fell in love with coding in highschool (we built a game called “mend it Mario”). Coding was a fun way of creating something amazing from a blank canvas on a computer. Little did I know it would change my life …

  • Ahmed Al Amawi

    Co-Founder/Software Engineer

    With a passion for puzzles and a love for tinkering, Software checked all the boxes. In an evergrowing industry, I am always looking for new challenges to solve.

  • Daniel Voci

    Marketing Strategist

    People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Let’s build relationships with your clients and the success will soon follow!

  • Gleb Odynokin

    Graphic Designer

    I like drawing things [pending real copy]

  • Courtney Majewski

    Copy Writer

    I like writing things [pending real copy]

  • Terence Lo

    Motion Designer

    I'm always looking for new ways of creating interesting compositions and experimenting with different techniques in order to stay relevant in an industry which is always evolving

Our Specialists

Our team expands outside just our core team! Our network is strengthen by collaborating on new exciting projects - maybe one day new companies !

  • Dr. Shahbaz Malik

    Medical Web3

    Having experienced the current climate in our healthcare system, my mission is to help bring about a change to the system that allows for a decentralized patient-centric approach to handling patient data and furthering the ongoing development of current and future physicians.